Happy Thoughts:


Uh-mazing Evening

Just took a lovely walk down to the beach with the hubby, it was the first time we actually got to go together so it was nice. The weather was absolutely amazing today! Took some great pictures too. I am so grateful to live right by the beach, it's uh-mazing! Another great start to what will be a fabulous weekend! Going to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow and then going to have a lovely dinner with Lolo (That's the hubby's nickname) to celebrate five wonderful months together! iLy x sideways 8 baby! hehe

Spreading the Love

So I just joined this really awesome giveaway over at Goodnight Moon I really love her blog, it's one I  read like every day! The rules of the giveaway are posted on her blog but basically you have to follow both her blogs, answer a question, and blog about it, and you get an entry for each. Woohoo!

So go check it out & tell her I sent you and I'm spreading the love!

So to answer the question, which was: If you could do any one thing, and get away with it what would it be?

I decided I would kidnap my husband and run away with him to some place where there were no more deployments, or work ups, or any of that yucky stuff to take him away from me. As much as I love this life of ours I think I would much rather just have him home, he's gone way to much for my liking!I mean how could i not want this crazy, nerdy, silly man around like all the time just look at him...

MilSpouse Blog Hop

I'm so happy someone started one of these! I love reading other Military Wife Blogs!You can join in the fun by going here Riding the Roller Coaster

So here is a little about myself:

My name is Betty Marie, I have been married to my sailor exactly five months today!!! He is my world! He joined the Navy in August of 2008 and we met July 30, 2009. We got married exactly four months after we met on November 30, 2009. We are stationed in Virginia Beach, VA right now, and he has about two years left. We are both from Texas and lived in the same town for years without ever meeting. When he came home on leave after finishing A School we met through a mutual friend. Our relationship moved very fast, but it's been an amazing ride so far!

It's easy to join in on the fun:

* Post a brief bio on your blog introducing yourself.

* If you want to help spread the word, link back to me in your post.  I have a button on my sidebar, but a simple link is fine. 

* Add your blog name and URL to the Linky.  It's best to put a link to your post, not your home page.

* Follow any or all of the blogs on the list.

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* According to blogging etiquette, you should follow everyone who follows you. But this doesn't always happen. So please try not to harbor any ill feelings if you follow someone and they don't follow you back.

* The Linky list will be up until next Thursday night so if you don't get around to everyone today, no worries.  Keep hopping throughout the next week!