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Gambizzle Jewels Winners

Today is the day, my giveaway has ended! Keep checking back for more great giveaways though! I have some awesome ones planned. So just a reminder here were the prizes to be won:

First prize was this "Love" bracelet and earrings set:

 Second Prize is this "Wish Upon a Star" necklace:

Third Prize is this "Hope" charm bracelet:

Here is the final count of everyone's entries:

Kendra @ Kendra Diaries: 3
Miss E @ Home is Where the Heart is: 4

So first prize goes to BRITTANY!
                 Second goes to NICOLE!
                        and third goes to SARAH!

Congrats ladies! Make sure you email me so I can get your information and get your packages sent out!

Email me at: MrsGambizzle@yahoo.com

Friday Photo Flashback

I came across Friday photo Flashback this morning and thought I would join in, what a cute idea!

This is my husband when he was a baby & it's one of my favorite pictures, it never fails to make me smile. His mom tells me he was pretending to be the incredible hulk.