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Our First Goodbye

    Just a few days later I found myself saying goodbye to this man I had fallen head over heels in love with. It was August 7, 2009, and he had to leave for Virginia. I was so terrified that i wouldn't ever see him again. I don't think I've ever had so many emotions running through me at once! I was excited with this new found love, but so scared that it would slip away as many long distance relationships do. So we hesitantly said our long goodbyes promising we would meet again. The next two and a half months were the hardest months of my life, but we spent every waking moment talking on the phone or texting. During this time came the first "I love you's", both of our birthdays passed, and I spent my time keeping myself busy the best I could until we could be together again. October 17, 2009 was the day it finally happened. It was my first time ever on a plane but I was determined to be with this man again! It was totally worth it, we spent the entire week in each others arms, laughing, smiling, and falling even more in love!

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