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Moving Day!

I was so ecstatic on the day it finally came! I had been waiting for what felt like forever to finally start my life with my husband. I started the journey from Texas with my husband's mom on February 4, 2010, two weeks earlier than originally planned because I was trying to surprise him like he is so great at doing for me, but it didn't work out so well. It was a very long and stressful trip that took three days to make. Not to mention we were in my little Pontiac G6 with all of my belongings, and two dogs! There was so much crammed into my car there wasn't even room for the dogs to have their crate so they slept in my lap the entire way. They had never seen snow before, or slept in a hotel so I'm sure it was extremely stressful and crazy for them as well. By the end of the second day the anticipation of being in my hubby's arms again was killing me. It had been over two months since we had last seen each other the day we got married. This is where my journey as a Sailor's Girl officially begins...

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