Happy Thoughts:


Friendship set to music

I met the most amazing, wonderful man on July 30, 2009. I was dying to go to this Kevin Fowler concert and even though he had no clue who he was he was eager to take me. We had an amazing time that night which led right up to our very first kiss... it was wonderful, and unexpected! I was so into the music I was shocked when he leaned in and kissed me! We just couldn't get enough of each other that night, so after the concert we decided to go out dancing. I was so intrigued by everything he had to say, he had such a way with words. We never ran out of things to talk about. We stayed out 'til the next morning when he made me promise to call and let him know I had made it home safely. I was the happiest girl in the world just from one little kiss! 

"Your Kiss"

I can't resist the temptation
It's so deliciously sweet
Like candy for my soul
It's the only drug, I cannot recover from
I'm addicted
It makes my heart race
Sends the blood rushing through me
My whole world disappears
Into a moment of pure bliss
Every time I taste your sweet kiss

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