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From the hubby

It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I have tons of new followers so, for those of you who are new, every once in a while I like to post my hubby's poetry. He writes the most amazing poetry for me, and it really helps me through the hard times. So here is one of my favorites, he wrote this for me after we met for the third time. I flew to VA to see him and we had an extra amazing time, we cooked together, and it was the same visit that he proposed & we got married!. He even made it all scrapbook-like and special for me so I could put it in our book.

This is our special book by the way...

As you can see in less than a year it's already so full it can't even close!

and sorry for the horrible picture but here is the original of the poem that he sent me...

I love how he goes out of his way to make sure everything is special for me, he cut out labels, and painted the background, I couldn't ask for more. So here's the poem which he didn't title.

Dark red wine presses gently to her perfect parted lips
Prevading her body lascivious and lively she gets
Her lush sensuality drips, from every gentle curve, every graceful line

Her hands her body hot pleading for mine
And forgetful we are of the time
For we are caught in one another
Til burning fills the air and we laugh at each other

The hum of the fan the sweet smokey air pulls us
Unwanton from our ordeal
We turn impatient back to the preparation of our meal

Yet an intolerable excitement persists for nakedness yet to be revealed
Longing for each other's touch, each other's kiss
Desperate we feel

Fighting as we eat and imbibe more drink
"Flirting with the inevitable" we both think
We both know yet the pleasant ache persists
The anticipation heightening our bliss

Finally in privacy, and in love
It culminates, it's divine, it's making love


  1. That's beautiful! How precious that he writes for you!

  2. that is soooo sweet! I love it when men can do things like that! My fiance doesn't write poetry but every now and then we go back to writing letters like we did whenever he was in boot camp and I miss those times because that is when he expressed his emotions best! I just love that he was thoughtful enough to do this and that you are willing to share it with us. Its so romantic congrats on that amazing relationship!


  3. Hey there! I just became a follower and I dig what you've got here. Thanks for checking out my blog too!

  4. That is beautiful and I'm sure so special for you. He definitely has a way with words.

  5. He writes with such sweet eloquence and passion. It's so great you have your own poet :)

  6. What a sweet guy you have! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What an amazing poem! He is really talented and very sweet :)


  8. Wow that was good! He's so sweet!

  9. Haha okay oops I lied, I'm for real followin you now! :D

  10. Your hubby is a keeper!!! How sweet that he wrote that poem for you!!! You guys look like such a cute couple!!!

    I love your blog!!! It is so fun to read. I am your newest follower from Tuesday Tag along, and I will def initely be stopping by to keep on reading!!!

    Hope you'll stop by, say hi, and follow back!!!