Happy Thoughts:


Any Ideas?

I got several volunteers for the new segment featuring military significant others, I'm super excited to get it started but I'm having trouble coming up with a catchy name, any ideas? I have made a button and banner for it already.

As you can see they are both blank... So I need help from my lovely readers. What should I call it? The only thing I can think of is Mili Mondays. It doesn't have to be on Monday though I haven't decided exactly what day I will feature it, it just needs to be catchy! Looking forward to your suggestions!


  1. I have an idea! How about a segment for those of us who are recently single. We can call it Bite Me Tuesdays.

    Hahaha, girl you know I'm kidding. This is a great idea and good luck with coming up with a name. :)

  2. first a big HAHA so star's comment above me!! Secondly LOVE LOVE LOVE the button and banner.
    And finally name ideas...I like milli mondays

  3. I love the Mili monday concept!! It's kind of like my MilGirl Live and learn that I run on my blog on Mondays!! once you get yours rolling, I'd love for you to be featured on my blog and I'd also love to write something for yours! let me know what you think!