Happy Thoughts:


I WON!!!!

I am so excited I just won a giveaway from "Flip Flops and Combat Boots"! This one was really important to me because it was based on what it means to be a Navy wife, and being a Navy wife is what my life revolves around. I love my husband and support him in every way imaginable. So here was my entry for the contest along with my favorite picture of us together:

"I was very scared when my hubby first told me what he did for a living, because on the night we met I already knew I was in love with him. Our relationship moved very fast, and three months from the day we met, we were married. It was very scary not knowing what I was getting into.

Now that I am a military wife, my life has changed significantly, and I love it. To me being a Navy wife means always being there to support my husband, & to stand up for what he does. It means life is always an adventure because you never know where you will be living next, or how much time you have before he leaves. It has taught me so much about life that I am thankful for. It saddens me to see so many who don't stop to take in how great it can be. I have learned to live every day like it could be the last, and I enjoy life so much more now. It has taught me to enjoy the little things more than anything else. It has taught me to savor every little kiss, every touch, and every beautiful word that comes from his mouth.

Being a Navy wife means everything to me, I honestly can't remember what it was like before all the craziness. Military life has also been very important to me because of the friends I have made. I have developed some of the most enjoyable relationships with other military wives, ones that I will always hold on to. I am proud every day I wake up knowing that I am married to a sailor who defends my freedom, and having that feeling when he holds me in his arms that nothing can harm me. He truly is my hero, he has shown me what life can be.

Most of all it means I have learned that he loves me more than world, but the Navy comes first. It means knowing he won't always be there for important events, but he still cares. It means I have to be independent and learn to take over his part when he's gone. It means that we have a special sort of relationship that has grown, and continues to grow amazingly strong because with every absence we only love each other more."

and here is the lovely prize that I won, I am so excited I can't wait to get it, so I can show it off!!!

Make sure you visit Nicole @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots if you haven't already she hosts ssome awesome giveaways & has recently been made a giveaway  manager so there will be many more to come!

Also visit Anchors Away on Etsy she was awesome and donated the adorable clutch I just won, so you can get your very own!


  1. Congrads on winning! I enjoyed your post but didnt think it was the best one

  2. Congrats on winning. I love your entry!

  3. Congrs! I love what you wrote.

  4. Congrats! You deserve it :)