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Trash to Treasure Tuesdays

I have decided to start my first little "segment" on my blog. I'm going to call it "Trash to Treasure Tuesdays". It's been inspired by all of the things I have seen people throw out, I love eclectic style. Finding things like this and making them my own, so everything in our house is a little bit personal. I grew up in a family who did not always have money to spend on buying new things. So I was taught from an early age how to make things last, or revamp and make new. My mom taught me a very important lesson in life I like to think, and it was that you don't have to have a lot of money to have nice things, just some creativity and imagination. Which I like to think I was blessed with both. So for the first trash to treasure I discovered this very awesome dining room table, and FOUR perfect chairs with not a single stain, scratch, or the smallest imperfection! They were sitting out next to our recycle bins.

As you can see the only thing that's wrong is it does not have a glass top... easy fix. Hubby and I got a peice of plywood from the hardware store, a plain white table cloth, fresh flowers, and...

An adorable, romantic dining set for the cost of carrying it upstairs and about $20.00 of supplies! Can you believe they just threw it in the trash?! I;m amazed by all the things people just throw out...


  1. We got some really cool Ikea mirrors (1 of the 3 were broken, we took the 2) and picture frames (I re-painted them) that someone left leaning inside the fenced area that surrounds the dumpster for our street!

  2. wow that is so amazing! I can't believe anybody would throw that away without having anything wrong with it (other than no glass that is)