Happy Thoughts:


The Final Product! YAY!

Okay all my lovely blog friends! I am so excited to present to you the finished project! I worked on this sucker all day! lol Once again thank you all SOOOO much for contributing your photos! I had so much fun making this for you guys, i can't wait to do another one! So enough of my rambling, here you go, hope you enjoy it & share it with everyone!


  1. Anonymous5/07/2010

    It's SO adorable! I love it! And I'm totally stoked you put a Jack Johnson song on there too!

  2. SO cute! I don't know who those kids were but they were adorable. :)

  3. Stopped by on the Blog Hop. Looking forward to reading more!!!


  4. Thanks girls! I love Jack Johnson he's one of my favorites! The kids belong to a friend of mine on FB and yeah they are totally adorable. :)

  5. Wow you are really talented!!! I also love Jack Johnson. Your jewelery is beautiful. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I can thank my friend at Star Spangled Stockings for telling me about you. (and your jewelery lol i think a necklace or something was mentioned.)

  6. Thanks so much for following ! :)

  7. I found your blog through the mil spouse blog hop and I love it! :) your idea for the video montage is really sweet! Also I'm a fellow navy wife and will be moving to Va in the end of July! how do you like it out there? Im from Cali so I know its gonna be WAY different... but anyways check out my blog if you'd like!


    Have a great day and Happy Mil Spouse appreciation day!


    The Navy Wife

  8. Hey girl thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I'm so glad I decided to do the blog hop cause now I'm meeting so many awesome mil spouses! :) And as for Moving to Va Im super excited! I was hoping we would get stationed on the east coast and I hear that its beautiful there! were gonna be living in virginia beach and I'm trying to get everything situated with the move in the next few weeks cause its coming up so fast! I'm glad to hear you like it there! If you don't mind my asking do you guys live in base housing or get bah? my hubby and I are trying to decide but as of now I'm thinking I just wanna get an apartment. Its just scary to think of moving out there (were driving) and not having a place already set up to live...your opinion and advice would be greatly appreciated! (and sorry for such a long comment! Lol) thanks again!


    the navy wife

  9. Anonymous5/08/2010

    Hi, sending love from shellybellysboutique.blogspot.com...stop by, don't worry i won't make you buy a diaper cake...LOL...;) have a great day! cute site.

  10. That was really nice!

    I'm a new follower. I just started my journey with the Navy (my hubs just left for basic) and I found a bunch of blogs like yours! I really like yours :)