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Mili Mondays: Toto, We're Definitely Not Civilians Anymore!

Last week's Mili Mondays turned out amazing so I'm super excited to continue it! We have some great posts coming, including today's which is by Katie from Diaries of a Disgruntled Marine Bride-to-Be. She has a great blog and is getting married soon so go check her out.

"Toto, We're definitely not civilians anymore!":

Frank is a pack-rat. He keeps everything. So, when we were putting our belongings in storage last year, in preparation for his deployment, I was only slightly surprised to find this in the garage.

Here’s the thing about Frank, he is one of those pack-rats that doesn’t notice or miss any of his prized possessions that you put in the garbage. And so, the water jug was placed in the trash pile.

I thought I was sly and the Iraq-war water jug was history, until he came in the house waving it in the air.
Pack-rat: “Did you throw this away?”
Not-so-sly girl: “Seriously Frank, why do we need a water jug that you brought back from a deployment? I bet you don’t even remember which deployment it is from.”
Pack-rat: “It happens to be from my [either first or second, the stories all blur together after a while] deployment to Iraq. And we’re keeping it because it saved my life.”
Not-so-sly girl: “Frank, I love you, but it’s a water jug.”
Pack-rat: “Do you see this? That is shrapnel from an RPG that exploded WAY too close for comfort. I was lying on my cot and this was by my head. I didn’t have my Kevlar on. If this water jug wouldn’t have stopped that shrapnel, my skull would have. We are keeping it as a reminder of how lucky I am.”
Speechless girl: “I’ll go put it in the garage.”

(A close-up of the shrapnel in the water jug)

Every time I go into our garage, I look at that water jug and smile. This life is now so ordinary that I often forget how chaotic and crazy and un-ordinary it really is. That is, until I have one of those moments where it hits me like a ton of bricks. And I find that in those moments, I either roll my eyes and laugh or sit down and cry. And sometimes, both of those are fitting.
When I look at that water jug, pierced by the RPG shrapnel, I am reminded of all the funny, unconventional, “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore,” moments that happen to every military spouse and significant other.
I know how off the wall my moments can be and how much they make me giggle and I often wonder what your moments are. And so, “Toto, we’re definitely not civilians anymore!” Tuesday was born!

Every Tuesday, starting tomorrow, join me in blogging about one of your stories. And then, come by my blog, Diary of a Disgruntled Marine Bride-to-Be and link up. If you don’t want to link up, leave a comment on my post and I’ll periodically feature your story!
I know I’m not the only one with a water jug pierced by RPG shrapnel memento. Well, I might be, but that’s just the way I roll and you get my drift! What has happened to you that makes you stop and think to yourself, “Toto, we’re definitely not civilians anymore!”

Thank you to Mrs. Gambizzle for letting me partake in Mili-Mondays and designing my “Toto, we’re definitely not civilians anymore!” Tuesday button! Please stop by my blog tomorrow and share your stories!

 - Katie                                  


  1. What a great segment! i love Mili Mondays!! :)

  2. What a great post! I would have thrown out the water jug too. But what a great reminder of how lucky you are. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Roller Coaster! I'm sure you have a bunch of these "moments" too! Come by my blog tomorrow and share some!!

  4. I agree! It is easy to just about our daily lives, and then realize that something like an old water jug, has a very special meaning.

    Great post!!!!

  5. Whoa! To think a water jug saved him... =)
    God uses some interesting things!