Happy Thoughts:


Hello Agaain!

Hello ladies! After almost three weeks, another ridiculous 27 hour drive, and many tears I'm finally home, well I'm back where I belong in the arms of my love! I feel like I have neglected you guys but I got pretty busy back in Texas! Some things have changed and I'm super excited to say I sold over $300 worth of jewelry while I was back in Texas  

GO ME!! 

We have added a new addition to our little family...

I'd like you to meet MOJO... he's the little guy in the middle. Yup he's adorable isn't he. He's a four month old Yorkshire Terrier. You can get your very own here... Happy Lil Pawz

Most of all I am just so happy to be back, I really missed this place... I of course took a walk down to the beach as soon as I got here, and also made a trip to the pool which just opened. I have to say it is very nice they offer food and drinks in a lil cafe, they have music, full time lifeguards, and even restrooms... I was quite surprised! Well I am off to work on more jewels, I am hoping to actually have that jewelry party soon!


  1. I love your new dog! And I'm so glad you're back. I have to agree with Allissa. Definitely missed you!

  2. Omg I'm so jealous! All of your dogs are so freakin adorable! I'm glad your back in the blogging world...we've missed you!


  3. Great photos! The dog photo is absolutely ADORABLE!!

  4. welcome back :) Your new little puppy is SO cute! :)

  5. Thank you all! I am very glad to be back too! You guys are so sweet! :)

  6. Anonymous6/07/2010


    I left you an award!


  7. Anonymous6/08/2010

    Awwww your new dog is so cute!!! I'm glad you're back!!