Happy Thoughts:



"Missing you gets easier every day, because even though I'm one 
day further from the last time I saw you, I'm one day closer to seeing you again."

So as of today I we only have 13 more days til we will be together again, and I am getting more and more excited and looking UP as each one passes. I can't wait to have our lazy days back, and our BIG breakfasts on Saturday mornings, walks in the park, and most of all those soft kisses he gives on the eyelids! =) It feels so good to know that each time we are separated like this our love and will to get through it only gets stronger.

We love to watch the movie "UP!" Its "Our Movie" and right now it's the way I feel. Like I'm soaring through the sky with thousands of colorful balloons and nothing can bring me down, no distance, no obstacle, no deployment. I have my sailor and he's the only thing in the world I need, no matter where in the world he may be.

He wrote this poem for me about the movie too:


The movie magic moves to inspire
To give a little more life to help lift higher
It seems fitting that this is our movie
The title alone inspires and moves me
The intensity, the growth of our friendship
Our faith in one another
Our laughter, our lives, our love
Upward bound to the heavens
Our sturdy love replacing ground
Through turbulent winds we stand
At the ready
Ready to work, ready to cry
Ready to fight, ready even to die
For each other, we need not even ask each other
For we are adventurers, explorers of the heart
In the rarified atmosphere we are privy
to its most beautiful of parts
Happy moving ever onward
Our love pushes ever Upward

- Lorenzo Gamboa

I'm really hoping to plan something special for the weekend when he returns some kind of special dinner or something that we can do together. Any ideas girls? Any good recipes you can share?


  1. Anonymous4/03/2010

    Aww, what a sweet poem! I'm glad he's coming home! The "special" stuff we usually do together is usually just corny boring stuff but i'm sure whatever you think of will be perfect <3

  2. Thanks yeah ours usually is too but it's still special, just lazy days at home or walks at the park. :)