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Thank you

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Every couple has a song, ours is called "Thank You" by Keith Urban. We tend to go out of our way to do things for each other, writing poetry, little messages, whatever we think will brighten the others day. It's part of what keeps us going strong, so this is for you babe. You mean the world to me!

"Thank You"

For being united to me
For being part of my life
For you love, strength, and honor
There will never be a price
For all you have taught me
I respect you more than you will ever know
For the way your lips move
For your comforting words
For speaking to my soul
For being more than just special
You deserve the world
For loving me like no other
For being my best friend
With all of me I promise
You are my heart until the end

- Betty Gamboa

p.s. iLy daddycakes :)


  1. damn nice....

    and you get to sail the seven seas....

  2. Anonymous4/07/2010

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  3. Anonymous4/07/2010

    I love you with all my heart baby... LOL well I gues that kinda makes it not mine anymore... be nice to it woman! ;)

  4. Hehe always daddycakes :) I will never do anything to harm that wonderful heart of yours! iLy