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It's a lonely night

It's been a few days since I last blogged. I got home safe from Boston, but terribly sick. I've been in bed for three days now doped up on cough syrup, antibiotics, and some other sinus medication... it's not been fun. I have some sort of respiratory infection. 

I haven't heard from my husband since I left Boston,  it's not Navy related, I know he's  just really busy with college and all, but most of you know, that doesn't make it easier. There's a thunderstorm going on outside, and I absolutely HATE sleeping alone when it's thundering. It's very scary, I would say at least I have Dug to sleep with now, but he's just as scared as me. 

To top off the night, I just read the most heart breaking post I've ever read in my life.  Before you ask, yes the authorities have been notified and they are doing what they can to find out what's going on. There is no way I am getting any sleep tonight after reading it, all I can do is pray, and hope from the bottom of my heart that she is okay. When I started reading I couldn't believe it, but as I got further into it my heart shattered for this poor girl. She poured out her entire life, I only pray someone was there to help her when she needed it most, that she just wasn't able to get to the post before it went out. I hope that maybe it was just a cry for help, whatever the case may be, I just pray she's alive and getting the help she needs.

I've always been taught a very important lesson in life, that NO MATTER WHAT God throws at you, you never give up. You keep pushing through it, and as long as it takes, life will turn around. I can't imagine what she must be feeling, the kind of abandonment it takes to make a person feel that "A Final Goodbye" is their only option to achieve happiness. I just hope that every single one of you know that no matter what's going on, how far away you are, whether we've met or not, I will be there for you when you need ANYTHING.  I am on facebook, where you can find my email, phone number, whatever you need. I consider every one of you a friend and you've been there to support me when I needed it. Please keep Jessica in your prayers tonight, and hope that she is okay, wherever she may be.

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  1. I read that post, so sad! I have been in a similar situation and it does feel like there is no hope...I read in the comments that she has been found safe. Thank God!