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Mojo to Mijo

As most of you know a couple months ago we lost our precious Yorkie Mojo when he was attacked by a dog. He was such a great companion, he always knew when I needed cheering up, or when I just wanted a cuddle buddy. We have missed him dearly and decided to add a new baby to our family. Meet Mijo! Pronounced (MEE-HO) for those of you who don't know Spanish, it means "my son". When we had Mojo we often called him "Mojito" as a nickname because my husband's grandmother calls EVERYONE Mijito, or mijita and so it reminds us of her. So we thought we'd honor Mojo by naming the new little guy Mijo. 

He was born on February 17th and he weighed 2.75oz. You're probably asking how I know all this? It's because my mom has bred Yorkies for several years! Mojo came from her as well. I've been taking pictures to send to my love every few days since he can't be here to see him. He's really enjoying it, since we didn't get Mojo til he was 4 months old so he never saw pictures of him when he was small. Mijo is 11 days old now, and has just barely doubled his weight, he's now at 6oz. and he's almost as long as my hand. He's so adorable!

his eyes should open ANY day now and I can't wait, that's when they actually start to look like dogs! He's also turned out to be the smallest in the litter. Check him out next to one of his brothers who now weighs 13oz. He's a big guy lol

and here's his adorable mommy, Karlee... She's such a sweetheart, and I hope he turns out just like her.


  1. Aww congrats on the new addition to your family!

  2. Soooo precious!!! Share more photos soon, I'm in love!

  3. awwww....how sweet! so glad you have a new bundle of joy. have fun :)

  4. I love love love Yorkies! My mil used to breed them as well- such great dogs. Congrats on the soon to be new edition to your household! =)