Happy Thoughts:


Counting the days

I've been counting the days in pictures since the night he left, I've missed a 

few days but getting better! Here's what he's missed so far.

On the pier the night he left...

Hit 150,000 miles driving home to Texas.

The Mini got towed again.

 Our baby sleeping soundly when I finally got to Texas to see her...

 Not so willingly getting settled in back in Texas.

Organizing Jewelry supplies...

The only thing that makes me smile when I wake up...

His first care package

"Be Mine?"

A poem by my hubby his mom put up in my room


A very special gift I received in the mail which made me cry like a baby

the note says:

I just wanted to send you a friend to have while Ric is away, a heart
to hold while yours is gone, and a guardian angel to protect you and the one you love.

Our puppy mama's prego belly, yes we very soon will be the proud new parents
of another Yorkie, we just miss our Mojo so much we have to have another.

Care package number two.

"Home Sweet Home"


Drowning out Deployment blues

something to keep me warm while he's away.

More deployment blues...

Showing off my pride for him. (:

annnnnnd of course more organizing and TONS of jewelry making to make these days fly by...

He's been gone three weeks already, and the time is flying by. I know it
will pass quickly and soon I'll be running into his arms!


  1. Those are the best care packages ever!! Seriously! I'm jealous.

  2. Those are some awesome Care Packages!! :) He is a lucky man! You gave me ideas for when I go to make some. & the puppy is cute!! =]

  3. I love that care package, can you send me ideas???

  4. Anonymous2/06/2011

    I loooove your care packages!! They are so cute. Time will start to fly really soon girl! I promise. :)

  5. You have got to be the queen of fabulous care package boxes. Awesome!

  6. You put together awesome care packages!!!! :)

  7. I LOVE your care packages! How awesome are you! love all the pics! =)