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Holding down the fort

(Our parking lot)

Things have been netter today. I actually got a couple hours of sleep for the first time since my daddycakes left. I woke up early and my friend came over to hang out for a little while which helped some. I've been trying to take care of things today to keep me busy so this day will pass faster than the last few. I cleaned the house, did the laundry, and the dishes and then had a small lunch. Then I decided I would take the car and wash it myself to pass some time. So I drove around forever looking for a car wash, I'm still sorta new tot this area so I didn't know where any were. Our passenger side window has been broken for a couple weeks & won't roll up. We have been covering it with plastic at night since it usually rains.

(Road trip in the mountains)

I love our car and I think it's the most adorable car ever, but I haven't been taking care of it lately because I was frustrated about the window. Today I had had enough of it & started pushing on it harder and harder and IT ROLLED UP! It's stuck in that position now, who cares I can use the A/C again! I am so excited about that, I know you probably think I'm crazy, but we live in a nice neighborhood where everyone drives nice cars. Our Mini Cooper is nice too, but with plastic over the window it looks kinda ghetto & I'm always scared that the interior will get ruined if the plastic comes off. Now I have one less thing to stress about since he is gone which always makes life easier. I'm excited to tell him about it too I think he will be proud of me! HAHA

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  1. I love those pictures!! And yay for fixing the window lol.

  2. Anonymous8/04/2010

    This makes me want a mini now!!

  3. Yay! As frustrating as it is when our hubby's are away its also a blessing because it helps us to discover what we're really capable of!! :) Great pics btw!!

  4. AH I'm so glad you got it fixed! I love that, especially when I fix things by accident! Hopefully tomorrow will be easier!

  5. Things always seem to go wrong while they are away... hopefully you're trend to being able to fix them will continue until he comes home :D

  6. YAY! Fixed windows are a great thing! And what a cute car!

  7. Your car is so cute: seriously, its adorable!

    Yay for getting the window to go up! In my previous car, all four window motors were shot (yea it was a peice of work) haha.

    Hope you had a great day :)


  8. Yay!! You are woman! Ha ha :) Adore your car by the way.