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Pin Up Photos #2

Jus thought I'd share a few more photos from my pin up shoot with 

If you're in the Hampton Roads area check her out she does amazing work and she's so much fun to hang out with!

I had so much fun during this shoot, I was nervous at first but I had my good friend Sarah with me who also took some photos so that made things easier. Christina is so easy to work with that all the nervous feelings went away anyway. I LOVE how the photos turned out and my husband loves them as well. I can't wait to print them for him and send them with him on the ship. I have tons more to come once they are all edited but I'm so excited I couldn't help but share again! I will definitely going back to take more photos there are so many more ideas that we just couldn't fit into the day. We spent nearly seven hours shooting between the two of us. It was exhausting but so worth it!


  1. Those are tooooooo cuuuuute!!!

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  3. These are beautiful. He is going to LOVE them.

  4. They are beautiful. To be totally honest, you look a lot like Betty Paige.