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Please be so kind!

I've entered a contest on face book, sort of a cutest couple kinda thing. The prize is one of those fabulous military warmers from Scentsy! So would you please, please go vote for me. I know you all have facebook & you guys are always saying how we are the most adorable couple! hehe So I would really appreciate your votes. All you have to do is go here:

just add her as a friend (you can always delete it later, I won't tell) then click "like" on my picture, it's very easy & won't take but a minute. Please make sure you click like though comments don't count as a vote!  
Voting starts tomorrow!


  1. I hope you win! You two are adorable!!!!!

  2. I voted:) Good luck!!!!

  3. I voted for you guys! Hope you win!! :)

  4. I added her and I'll vote as soon as she accepts! :) Good luck!

    Would you mind voting for me in a contest I'm in too? lol I love contests!!

    Thank you so much if you do! :)

  5. Anonymous8/08/2010

    Do we get an "I voted" sticker? =)