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That's Military Life

 (Scrubs & running gear)

This week was supposed to be a short work week for hubby, he's leaving soon for an underway and I was looking forward to spending the extra time with him. He was supposed to be off today, tomorrow, and Thursday. He got the highest scores in his command on the last PRT so he was awarded a three day leave for it, but I guess his senior chief felt that he was needed at work because of the upcoming underway. I'm sad because this will be the longest one we've gone through yet & I will hardly get to hear his voice at all because they will be super busy. I kinda wish I was back in Texas again, but I will just have to find something to keep me busy. I'm very excited because Miss Brittney from "A Day in the Life of a Navy Wife" has just arrived here in Virginia & I can't wait to meet her. She could possibly be adopting our little Tulip.

I've been debating whether or not I should even blog about this, but I decided I would go ahead and do it. I know I haven't mentioned much about it, but my hubby LOVES to run. Last week his new boss mentioned something to him about joining the Navy Track & Field team. He really wants to try out for it, and I don't think I have any reason to tell him he can't. Who am I to tell him he can't go after something he loves so much? The problem I have with it is that we would have to go to San Diego. Yeah, that's 2,750 miles from where we live now. It's no big deal as of right now because he hasn't talked to the athletic director yet, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I mean I did just move here less than 6 months ago & drove 28 hours to get here, I don't know how I would feel about packing everything up and driving twice as far so soon. I guess everything will work out how it's meant to.

I do have some exciting news coming up this weekend, I'm planning something special and I can't wait to tell you all about it!


  1. Can't wait to see what the news is! And I'm jealous that you will be meeting Brittney, we seriously need to plan something!!!

  2. I feel your pain with a potential move so close to the one you just did. That sucks. Like really bad. :(

  3. Sorry to hear that your 3 days together got taken away.

  4. No worries...by the time the military gets their stuff together, it'll be like 12 months before you move. =) Okay, that's just me being cynical, but I think that's a really cool opportunity for him. Just sucks the opportunity isn't in VA.

  5. sorry you're not having your three day! but san diego is a wonderful place. i think you would love it!

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  7. Aww I'm sorry hun!! :( That is always crappy when you expect to have more time together before they leave and it is cut short! I hope your feeling better soon and I can't wait to meet you!! :) Also as far as doing the track and field thing, that would be really cool. I love to run and was on the cross country and track teams all throughout high school, its really a great way to exercise and its fun to be a part of a team. I'm sure your hubby would enjoy it. I will be sad if you guys move to San Diego though cause I just got here!! Lol! Not to mention, the drive across country is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! We just drove 2,650 miles from CA to VA and it took us four days and I am still exhausted!!!! lol!! Anyway I will let you know when I'm free next week and I would love to meet up and hang out!! :)

  8. SOOO jealous you're meeting Brittney! Lol, but definitely have fun :)

    And very excited about the news!