Happy Thoughts:


MMMM Cherries...

My favorite blog love Nicole has awarded me with this adorable "Cherries on Top" award and I'm so excited! She's the sweetest if you don't already follow her definitely go check her out you'll love her blog!

So the rules to this cute award are list three things that you love about yourself, and pass it on to five more bloggers who are extra special.

So hmmmm three things I love about myself?

  • I love my creativity & imagination
  • I love my huge kind heart
  • I love my passion for life and the people in it
It's very difficult every time to choose the blogs to pass on the awards to because I love you all! here are the five I've chosen this time...


  1. Awwwww.....thanks dear! I am heading out of Ohio right now but will come read allur wonderful post as soon as i get to Virginia.

  2. Thank you so much Mrs. Gambizzle!! :) This made my day!!!! p.s. I love the new layout!! its fab!!


  3. aww thank you :) and i love the new layout!

  4. i love the new look of your blog!! you're so creative!! :)