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Here we go again...

Normally I'm not the kind of person to start any sort of conflict with anyone. I'm very laid back make love not war kind of a person, however, when I see a status like this... 

"I am so F***** pissed off!! F*** the NAVY!! How are you gonna steal my husband and then tell me your cutting our leave time in half!!"

and like this...
"I'm so sick of this bull**** F*** the Navy F*** MSRON6 YOU SUCK! Only three years left and we're done with this bull****!"

I tend to get a little offended, I'm sorry but I think it's trashy, shameful, and downright embarrassing to write things like that on facebook,when we should be saying things like THIS (Thank you JLeigh)

So I was bad and I wrote a status that said:
"I understand it's hard to live the military life, sometimes almost unbearable, but cursing about his squadron & talking trash about them on FB is trashy."
So then I guess the girl knew I was talking about her right away and I got this nastly little message that made me giggle to myself and sorta feel bad for saying anything at all, but I could not just stand by and read that kind of stuff for DAYS! Please excuse all of her typos and misspelled words and what not...
"Yup I guess I'm trashy but you have no clue what Cole has went through. Yes he's in the navy and yes I understand your husband is too but the things Cole has been put through are NOT right. I have not meet or talked to another Sailor who has went through all the things that my husband has been through. He joined the Navy because we thought it would be a safer job but really he should been a Marine at least he would get paid more. Also if you had a problem with me you could of took it up up with me!! Don't act like your Mrs.perfect and never said thing you never meant. Don't seat there and right on your status on how I should acted!! Have been married for 3years and haven't got a chance to spend one anniversary together or Christmas!! my son is also turning three and Cole has yet to be there for our son Birthday. Cole and I have been apart longer more than we have been married and sometime it just gets hard. Cole command also said that we would be able to spend a year together but instead we got three months!! So my point is before you go talking shit about me get your f***ing fact straight!!"
 So I went against my better judgement of ignoring her altogether and I replied to her immature message with this...
"I'm not talking shit about you and you are just like all the other wives who have yet to learn that we all go through the same heartbreaking situations. You think what you and your family have been through is worse than any of our situations but it's really not. We've all been through it, and will continue too as long as we are living this lifestyle. You can curse at me and get upset all you want, i know you will be upset with me no matter what I say, but the point of my status was not to talk trash about you it was that I DO NOT agree with the way you said it and yes it is TRASHY to say things like that. I understand you are upset but you don't have to talk like that, especially not to the whole world. It's not right to say things like that about his squadron or the Navy on a site like this, as a matter of fact, not only is it not right, but you should be ashamed and embarrassed because you could also get him into trouble if say a chief or someone were to see it. So girl I think YOU are the one who needs to get your facts straight."

So the point of all this I guess is just what do you think, did I do the wrong thing? Was I bad for being offended by someone insulting OUR NAVY like that?


  1. I think she was the one to step out of line and curse at you for calling her trashy, which you didn't do. No, you were not wrong to defend our Navy. It just comes with the pride we carry with us. Check out my latest post. It will fill you in.

  2. I would have been offended if i saw something like this. I understand that I haven't been through anything yet but it doesn't matter, the fact that she is essentially putting your husband down for not being as important as hers would have offended me outright. I think you responded well actually, and I agree with you she could probably get her husband into A LOT of trouble if someone important saw that.

  3. oh, I can't stand some people. And if the Marines are paid more...where's Danny's big pay check?!

  4. Anonymous6/25/2010

    I think the military personal get paid the same for each rank and years in service (did that just make sense?)

    Anyways, I think what she did say was trashy. There are definitely other ways to express yourself and your feelings then cussing out the command over facebook.

    I get real frustrated with the Army a lot and my husband's unit but it's just apart of the military lifestyle. It doesn't matter what branch you're in (or married to)... there is never a guarantee that the soldier/sailor/airman/marine will be home for a certain length of time. It's just something we have to deal with. Frustrations and all.

  5. Oh that little girl has a lot to learn.....

  6. To each their own. When he was in the Navy, I don't think there was a single period in the last 3 years where we had a single positive thing to say about the Navy. I didn't curse to hell like that girl did but I had so much hate for the branch as a whole. 3 years of a crappy command, 3 years of him working 16 hr nights, 3 years of him getting so close but no cigar on promotions, 3 years of every time we planned vacation they canceled his leave, 3 years of watching his rate be pushed out by civilians getting paid almost $40/an hour; I had it. By the time he got out, he was singing and I was following right along.

    And if that girl truly thinks one branch gets paid more then the other she's so wrong. Each person has to figure it out on their own, if she wants to make herself look like trash, let her. Obviously she is not going to be mature and realize how she makes herself look. That's when you hit delete.

  7. Anonymous6/25/2010

    I agree with Nicole, where the hell is the extra money that the Marines are supposedly getting? haha

    I honestly think she is an immature Navy wife who wants the entire world to feel bad for her just because things aren't going her way. The military sucks sometimes, we all know that but she didn't have to talk trashy about the Navy. Her husband volunteered for this job and as his wife, I would try to be supportive of him and try to get through the situation as best as I could rather than bashing the branch and making myself look like an idiot.

    I hope she leaves you alone. And if she doesn't, you can always post these comments on your next message to her if you decide to do that. She just wants attention and pity and nothing else. So, I wouldn't give her the time of day. =)

  8. WOW!! What a biotch!! I don't think you were wrong...Did she think that her husband being the Navy was going to be a fricken cake walk?

  9. I can definitely understand her being upset because it sounds like they have been short changed on their time together, but that gives her no right to post things like that on FB. Its one thing to think it in your head or even tell your spouse if thats how you really feel, but there is no need to share it with the world on a social networking site. By doing so she risked her husband getting in trouble if someone from his squadron saw it and it just makes her look bad for saying it. Trust me, I know how it feels to feel like you've been cheated out of time together but honestly this is something all of our husbands volunteered for and we just have to keep our heads up and deal with it. Is it hard, Yes! But we do it because we love our husbands and of course it never gets any easier when they miss anniversaries or birthdays but its just part of the lifestyle. Anyway sorry you had to deal with her and her horrible spelling, lol! Don't let it bother you, as long as you feel like you did what was right in your heart then thats all that matters. :)

  10. Wow. Um, does she realize EVERY person in the military, regardless of what branch, gets paid the exact same? And seriously, why does she act like she is the only one that has ever been through something like that? She's just immature and naive and wants everyone to have a freaking pity party for her.

    Three words. I.LOVE.YOU!

  11. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

    She is wrong in so many ways. Is she not aware there are many wars going on the our military are involved with. Give me a break! I always remember that:

    SOMEONE out there has it worse than me so I can't bitch!

  12. Thank you all for your support! I'm so very glad to know I'm not the only one who took offense to what she was saying, since then she deleted those status updates, and has not said a single word more.

  13. Um you were in the right. That chick is crazy for thinking nothing was wrong with what she said. I would've lost it on her!

  14. Anonymous6/25/2010

    I had to giggle over the Marines getting paid more part. *sigh* The poor girl. Sounds to me (from just this) that she had/has no clue what the military lifestyle is like. This is normal. And I have to agree with Boots in the doorway... someone ALWAYS has it worse. (Although I do gripe. lol)

    I really hate when people bash our military, especially the service members and their spouses. Its sad to me.

  15. It irks me when people complain about something they should have had an idea about. I'm sorry ladies but being a military spouse is not always as romantic as it may seem to be. We face things no spouse should have to, however we signed up knowing it would be hard. Yes I know we never could have an understanding of just how hard but if you go into it thinking of it as a fairy tale you will be sorely disappointed. I like how she said "we thought the military would be safer" um yeah... because the whole being in war thing is a safe bet. What a trashy girl.