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Dear John


Today I thought I'd treat myself to a nice relaxing day. I woke up and spent a couple hours with the hubby before he left for work then I spent the rest of the day lounging down by the pool. I got a nice sunburn for that but oh well it was a good day. Now I am spending the evening watching "Dear John" and crying like a baby again. Nicholas Sparks almost always gets me. This movie especially hits home though because I know exactly what it feels like to meet someone only to have them torn away from you a few days later. It's very scary to not know what will happen after you've fallen in love so quickly. The first few months after he left that first time were the hardest ones of all. I wasn't even sure if it would work, or if we'd ever see each other again. We did obviously, we were just to crazy for each other. Which makes it even better, but this movie always reminds me of that. It brings back a lot of memories as well of us when we first started dating. Even down to simple little things, like there's this mailbox on his mother's street that's painted like a Texas flag, and every time I drive by it it reminds me of the first few days we spent together because we went for a long walk every night and we always passed it. I love being head over heels in love with my husband. I love feeling like nothing has changed since the day we met, we're still as crazy for each other as we were the first time we saw each other. I love that he still gives me butterflies, and tinglies and all, and most of all that just the thought of him makes me smile. So my readers I ask, is there a movie that makes you feel this way? Or one that brings back great memories?


  1. I haven't seen the movie but I did read the book. I loved it up until the end so I was thinking the movie would be too sad for me to watch..lol. But there are a few movies that make me feel this way: first the notebook, because my husband and I are crazy in love...we fell in love very fast and are still crazy about each other! Plus we have our share of fights but were always quick to kiss and makeup. We have AMAZING chemistry! :) And second would be The Holiday cause we used to watch it all the time, and Its just a feel good movie. It makes me remember to be thankful for the love we share. :)

  2. Honestly I can't stand that movie. Drove me crazy watching it. But I do get what you mean, for me it's the move "The Story of Us" with Bruce Willis and Michelle Phieffer. That movie hits home way too much for me and always leaves me balling like a baby.

  3. Anonymous6/11/2010

    I have a really hard time watching movies that make me think about my fiancée unless he's sitting next to me. Then I'm alright to watch anything!

  4. I havent seen the movie, and now i'll go see it because of you! I am glad to see you head and heels in love...I am too! Aren't we all lucky to have wonderful husbands?

    I am following you now! Be sure to check my blog out too when you get a chance. i would like for you to join in the Military Spouse Spotlight fun!


  5. Sounds like a good day ... besides the crying lol. :) I haven't seen Dear John, but I'm sure I would sob.

  6. I've seen it five times already (hehe) and have cried every time. Especially the part where they are at the airport saying goodbye. Ugh tear jerker!

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  7. New to your blog and yes, I loved this movie, it was great!