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Gambizzle Jewels Giveaway

Okay as I promised I have decided to do my first giveaway, I know how you all love those! This giveaway is to celebrate all the love of my current followers, and the achievement of reaching 50 followers in less than two months! I never thought I would do that! So thank you all so much, I REALLY appreciate all of your comments, and all of your support!  

SO I'm sure you are curious as to what the prize will be??? Here you go, this pretty little one of a kind necklace handmade by moi! It is made with sterling silver chain & REAL Garnets!

The rules of the giveaway are as follows...

  • You must submit a post on YOUR blog about the most romantic evening, event, or moment spent with your significant other. It must be complete with a link to my blog, and you need to leave a comment here with a link to the post on your blog. 
  • Second you have to get at least one new follower to my blog, and have them leave a comment in this post saying they found me on your site! 
  •  You will get one entry for every follower that you send to my blog, and one entry for the post you submit on yours.

  • The giveaway will end on Saturday May 8,2010. 

  • Feel free to e-mail me or comment with any questions! Have fun!


  1. You made that? It's A-Maze-Ing!

  2. I did I sell jewelry, and thank you! :) It's on of my favorites!

  3. So pretty! I have just the outfit to wear with it! Already thinking about what romantic story I will share... :)

  4. Here's my entry!

    The Most Romantic Thing...Aka The Burka Story


  5. Here's my entry girlie!


  6. Hey there! I found out about your blog from A Marine's Wife and she's right...it's great! I love the necklace you made. Gorgeous! I might have to have you design my blog too. How much do you charge?

  7. Hi! Thanks for following! I charge $20.oo to make the layout let me know what you want and I will get started! :)

  8. Another new background?! I think this one is my favorite! :)

  9. Mine too! Thanks Yeah I got inspired after i finished yours hehe :)