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I Love My Sailor

I am so excited today I can't even sleep, not that I do much anyways. There are only 11 more days 'til my amazing husband comes home to me! He has a three day weekend when he gets back and I can't wait to spend every minute of it in his arms! It's been rough since he left and I'm ready to have him back home so we can spend some quality time together. The months are flying by and soon he will be deploying. Our first deployment is going to be really rough, we're so close. I have faith though and I know we will get through it. I have decided I am definitely going back home to Texas though, there's no way I can survive here for that amount of time without him. Enough of that though! I am so excited I want to scream, I got a lot to do though before he gets home! So off to work I go! I want to plan a special dinner or a picnic or something for when he comes home. This has been really rough and we need something special. He loves Chicken fried steak, so maybe I will get my mom's recipe and try to make that, along with some good wine! MMMM! =)

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