Happy Thoughts:


Out in the Garden

The best thing about this move is definitely the yard. We lived in an apartment before so we had a small balcony with a great view, but it doesn't compare to being able to work outside in your own yard. The dogs definitely love it too, I can tell a difference in their behavior since they get to spend so much time outside now. Especially Dugg who is normally pretty hyper. 

I have definitely started to develop a love for gardening! We planted several flowers this weekend & plan to slowly start planting more as we get settled in. Of course we are in Texas and it's already hot here most days, but I can't wait til it's officially spring! It's my second favorite season (Fall being the first) I just love all the colors of the flowers that bloom. 


These Persian Buttercups are one of new favorite flowers! I just think they are beautiful!
 I love flowers that are full & bright. 

'Nami loves laying out in the sunshine while I work, we just have to work on her bad habit of eating plants! She ate an Aloe Vera plant my mom gave me, and over the weekend one of the new flowers I planted just completely disappeared from the garden! My main worry is she will eat something poisonous.

These pretty little flowers are the ones that are now MIA... I'm bummed. 

She's definitely contemplating what to eat next... lol

Flower is getting older now & so she mostly keeps to herself when we're out
 in the yard, but I can tell she enjoys it as well. 

 These are Hubby's favorite so far! He picked up several of these to plant around the yard, a couple have lost their tops though... can you guess what happened?? lol 

Why hello there!

It's been quite a while since I've blogged. Life has been hectic & crazy, and actually has done a complete 180 since I've been on. Hubby is out of the Navy, we made our journey all the way back to Texas, & we are now starting the next chapter & trying to re-adjust to life in the civilian world. It's not easy since we're used to doing everything the Navy's way, but we're getting there.

Hubby just started his new job yesterday, he's now working with an oil rigging company, which means even longer hours than when he was in the military... I never thought it was possible to see less of my husband, but turns out it is! No more deployments though, so I can't complain!

We've added another new member to our family since I last blogged. This is Tsunami, our Boxer. We've had her for almost a month now & she's definitely a handful! She loves to go out in my garden and eat my flowers... we're working on it though.

Our duggy just turned one year old, he's turned out to be an awesome & beautiful little dog!

Here is our new house, it's a work in progress & it's also very gloomy today so excuse the horrible picture...

I am slowly trying to pretty it up with flowers & decorations, I feel like there is never enough time in the day lol between my business, 3 puppies, and my hubby! 

So far life is pretty normal & not much excitement, but I promise for more exciting posts to come!! [: 



We took a much needed vacation right after the hubby came home. We went to Niagara Falls, NYC, & DC.

We did a ton of sightseeing & touristy stuff, made out under Niagara Falls, we enjoyed the night life in NYC, we had the most delicious Sushi & went to the Smithsonian in DC, and we had a blast driving through 6 states & even crossed briefly into Canada.

We both always wanted to go to Niagara Falls, and it
was breathtaking! I am so glad we finally went

The Rainbow Bridge to Canada

We ended our time at Niagara with some delicious Indian cuisine & yummy drinks at Hard Rock Cafe!

The next night we sat under the stars on top of niagara and watched a beautiful fireworks show.


In NYC we had a great time and really enjoyed the night life! We had Malaysian food, & found a quiet little bar on our last night where we had shots of their very own whiskey & pickle juice, it was an interesting combination! Not bad though!

On our last day we walked around DC and had the most amazing Sushi, it was ridiculously expensive, but worth it! They had this drink called Wasabi Cactus, I was hesitant to try it, but glad I did. It was probably one of the best I've ever had.

Life After Deployment

It's been quite some time since I have blogged anything. I feel like I'm just so busy all the time with jewelry, hubby, and the puppy, that I never have time for it. I've really been missing it & the always beautiful Mrs. S inspired me to write this morning!

As of yesterday the Sailor has been home for 2 whole months... the time has really flown by! I never shared our homecoming pictures because we were so busy (get your minds out of the gutter!) here's my absolute favorite though...

It took foreverrrrr to find him in the huge crowd, and when I finally did, I couldn't get to him because there were a group of sailors in the way. I wanted to SCREAM at them! I was patient though, & it was so worth it.

It was definitely an amazing day, just like I had always heard, and I am so happy to have him home safe, even if it's for a very short while.

Tomorrow is his birthday & it's the first time ever that we've spent it together. You never realize how much you can learn to cherish when you live this life. I'm so used to Happy Birthday emails, but for the first time this year he was actually home on my birthday too. Our Birthdays are a week apart so it's even easier for him to miss both.

He's amazing though! I got handpicked cupcakes,

pink Gerber daisies

 this beautiful vintage bracelet

& a bubble bath full of rose petals, but we won't do  pictures of that...

Now I have to figure out how to top that for his Bday. He's been working really hard, so I'm thinking just a relxaing day at home & maybe breakfast in bed!  He's always SO hard to shop for!

Hopefully I'll find a moment soon to blog again, but if I don't know that I love all my bloggy friends and even if I don't have time to comment I do still read your great posts!